What is Vanillin?

Vanillin is a natural crystal like component formed on the cured and processed vanilla bean. It is primarily responsible for the characteristic flavor and smell of vanilla. Although more than 400 chemical compounds contribute to the overall smell and taste of vanilla flavor, the most recognizable flavor is vanillin, which is largely responsible for vanilla’s remarkable sweet, creamy, fruity, and floral aroma and flavor.

Synthetic or artificial vanillin contains a lot of vanilla flavoring for a much smaller price. Artificial vanilla is derived from by-products of the paper or petro-chemical industries. It is generally three times as strong as vanilla extract.

Is Vanillin dangerous?

No, in many of the countries of Europe as well as Mexico, Vanillin is considered a natural product. Vanillin is widely used in the U.S. and is used in many products we use every day, such as roasted coffee, foods, beverages, and pharmaceuticals.

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2 Responses to What is Vanillin?

  1. La Vencedora says:

    I have used this product and I love it. I don’t wan’t to use anything else. It has such a long lasting tast. It is creamy, and long after you eat it you still remember that long lasting tast. Nothing can compare to this taste. I was told that SAN LUES REY is the same. I cooked with it and it does not come close. Am I crazy? This does not taste the same. I just ordered 4 gallions. Now I have to send it back. Please let me know if these two products have the same ingredientes because they don’t taste like it.

    Mary Rachal

    • admin says:

      Hello Mary!

      Thank you for your wonderful comments about our vanilla. Our family owned factory, Orlando is located In Puerto Vallarta Mexico. There are three labels sold primarily in Mexico. Orlando, Reyna and Cinco Soles. In the U.S. our label is Vera Cruz Vanilla. All vanilla is hand crafted and produced at our factory.

      We are not familiar with the SAN LUES REY brand but if you are buying a gallon of extract for 28.00 this is concerning. Vanilla Extract is expensive because the Vanilla beans are expensive.

      Vera Cruz is currently working on the labeling of quarts and gallons, at this time we sell only the 2 oz and 4 oz bottles however until Vera Cruz can supply the larger sizes Orlando can provide this size.

      Please let me know if you are interested and I can send you a sample! Please contact me at tgoodrich@veracruzvanilla.com


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